Saturday, May 23, 2009


Graduated University of Idaho (high honors). Fun Day!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!


Finally got my commission. Now I am off to flight school for 2 years of intensive training.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My son Bailen and uncle Keith at Henry Lake last summer. He loves to fish but he has little patients. He likes to go hunting too but only when we get something. He was born in Germany. They have great doctors over there. Our doctor delivered 3,500 babies.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our dog "Tybee" we named her after a beach near Savannah Georgia where we lived for a while. This is a photo of some pups she had a while back. We have had this dog for over 8 years. She has been around the world several times. She should get some frequent flyer miles or something. Although, whe has been getting some bad gas in her old age. Maybe it will be better to check her under the plane instead of under our seat.

Old Faithfull....Yellowstone. We had a great day with the whole family.
I found a great place to hunt elk. All you have to do is leave the areas that have people who believe they need 5 kids per household. It is crazy to think that people in southern Idaho have so many kids and still expect to enjoy the great outdoors. Those kids grow up and have more kids. After being around the world I worry about what kind of outdoor experiences my son will have. Probably not looking too promising.
This is Rebecca Ramone Stamos or at least that was her name in this photo. She smelled real nice after not being around women for 12 months. This will be my rebound girl if things don't work out with Fawn and I. J/K
Good old Gary Sinise. I acted like forest gump and asked him "Lt Dan--you got legs Lt Dan" He said everybody is a comedian. Aparently he will never live that down. He is a great guy. He had done USO shows to Iraq several times (unlike Arnold Schwarzennegger who stuck around long enough to get his photo and took off in his privat jet).
The pronghorn is North America's fastest land animal. It is indigenous to North America only. This guy was a trophy of a lifetime. It is not easy getting within bow range of these guys.
My 5th time in Texas. However, this is only my second time in San Antonio. I was stationed in Texas 2 times. This visit was for the Air Force. I had to get checked out so I can go to flight school next year. The joys of becoming a pilot in the U.S. airforce involves allot of hard work, good grades, competence, and a pair of latex gloves. I feel so violated!
I am a wildlife resource major at the University of Idaho. I love the outdoors. This poor guy died of a broken heart. It was allot of work. However, it was allot of fun too.

This is a great picture of Fawn and I at an aviation ball in Germany. This picture was taken about 9 months before I got out of the army and went to college. I have been in college ever since ~ 4 years.
Here is a photo of my family. I married Fawn M. Campbell (Rigby Class of 2001). We dated in high school and have been together for over 10 years now. We have been married for over 8. This is our unhappy son Bailen. We are in Illesheim, Germany in this photo where we lived for about 3 years. It's a great place to live but you miss everything being open on the weekends. There is nothing like buying a pair of underwear at WallMart at 3:00 A.M. on a Sunday - unless you live in southern Idaho where everything is closed on Sunday.

Just another day at the office. This is a hot ride around 140 F. Notice the light summer clothing. I staged in Kuwait and helped take over Iraq when the war kicked off. I stayed in Iraq for about a year. Fun Stuff!